Best Shooting Positions for Self-Defense

In moments of crisis, the ability to accurately shoot from various positions can mean the difference between life and death. Whether you find yourself in a standing confrontation or forced to take cover on the ground, mastering different shooting positions is essential for effective self-defense. Here we’ll delve into the best shooting positions for self-defense scenarios, covering standing, kneeling and prone positions, along with essential tips for training and staying prepared.

The Importance of Shooting Positions in Self-Defense

Real-world examples underscore the critical nature of being proficient in various shooting positions. For example in 1983, Trooper Roy Boleyn lay broken and bleeding on the floor of a suspect’s home with fallen comrades around him. And just when the firefight seemed to be shifting in favor of the brutally violent perpetrator, Boleyn summoned his remaining shreds of strength to lift a 12-gauge rifle from its location on the floor near him. From a supine position — in which he found himself because he’d been shot — Boleyn raised the shotgun and took the shot that would end a bloody battle that had unfolded into significant loss of life.

If you’re thinking only those in law enforcement find themselves in such situations, think again. In 2014, a crazed man broke into the psychiatric unit at Sister Marie Lenahan Wellness Center in Darby, Pennsylvania, and shot and killed a female caseworker. The attack ended when Dr. Lee Silverman drew a concealed pistol — one he wasn’t supposed to have per the hospital’s “gun-free zone” policy — and shot the assailant.

These instances highlight the unpredictability of self-defense situations and the need for versatile shooting skills. You can neither choose nor predict the moment at which you will fight for your life, just as you will be unable to choose what position your body is in when you take those potentially lifesaving shots.

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